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Welcome to The Rotary Club of Kettering Website


The Rotary Club of Kettering was formed in 1930, We are a progressive, fun-loving club, with a reputation for extensive fundraising activities and service to the community. Our club is very active, with around 40 members who enjoy regular fellowship and social events, as well as being involved with, and raising funds for, both local and national charities, schools and other worthy organisations.

We meet on a Monday at 12:30pm at Telford Lodge, Rothwell Rd, Kettering NN16 8FX. See Map

A warm welcome awaits you if you are interested in finding out more about Rotary. If you have recently moved to Kettering or have retired  and would like to make new friends and contacts, joining a Rotary Club is an ideal way of doing so. We have a wide range of ages and backgrounds in the Club. Most important of all, we are active and enthusiastic in helping the community and those less fortunate, whilst having fun and fellowship ourselves. Visiting Rotarians are always welcome. We look forward to seeing you.

Presidents Message

It is a great honour for me to become President of the Rotary Club of Kettering. My Rotary journey has taken me to membership in 7 Clubs, in 6 Districts and 4 countries and each one has played an important part in life. My previous experience of being President was in Lusaka, Zambia during Rotary International Centennial Year but, in two spells membership of Kettering amounts to half of my 37 years in Rotary so it is a special privilege to become President.

Since 1930 this Rotary Club has a proud record of service in the local, national and international community and during this Rotary year this service will be continued and enhanced. Whilst maintaining existing services we are always on the lookout for new opportunities.

The Rotary International President, Ian Riseley, has given is a great theme – Rotary Making a Difference. This is a club which has consistently done just that and the challenge to continue will be met.

We are also proud to play our part in Rotary International in Britain and Ireland and in District 1070 and we will continue to support RIBI President Dennis Spiller and District Governor Chris Davies.

As you look at the many things we’re doing in the name of Rotary you may feel that you would like to be part of this wonderful movement which is in over 200 countries in the world. You would be most welcome to join the Rotary Club of Kettering. Please let us know if you’re interested and we will happily arrange to meet you and to invite you to come along to one of our meetings to see for yourself.


Raise Money for Charity.

Support Charities Locally.

Support our Community.

And Enjoy the experience



Sportsman’s Dinner with speakers from the world of sport.

Dragon Boat Race held at Wicksteed Park.

Annual Christmas Charity concert.

Golf Competition Held at the Kettering Golf Club.

We are continually looking for other opportunities to raise funds-maybe you have some ideas?



Four Seasons Day Centre.

Warwick And Northants Air Ambulance.

Bansang Hospital ( Gambia ).

Flood Relief.


Cransley Hospice.

Our funds help up to 20 charities every year, such as: Polio Eradication, Calvert Trust, Kids Out, Kettering Hospital, International Shelter Boxes,Protsaid, Burnaid and many others…




Become a full member


Become a “Friend” of Rotary


Corporate Membership




Rotary is the world’s greatest volunteer organisation based on service above self with fun and fellowship. We do great things but there are more needs than members to meet them. We need more members.

Rotary had the image of male only Clubs with ageing members. How that has changed! There are clubs of all ages, all genders and all backgrounds and abilities, all in your area. Rotary has adapted to meet modern lifestyles. The following sections provide information for prospective members to choose what is right for their individual needs. There are a number of ways in which you can get involved. The great project we get involved in can be seen in other sections below. 

People’s lives have changed dramatically in the last decade, more home working, more traveling, less time all round but people want to and still find time to volunteer and change lives. This section outlines the flexibility, fun, fellowship and membership options which have resulted in Rotary Membership is growing at its fasted rate for decades.


This is where you join Rotary and become  a full active Rotarian with full voting rights and provide valuable input in determining the projects and activities undertaken and have and fellowship. 


This is a taster, “ a try before you buy” so as a “Friend” you can get to know the Club and then become a full member in time. “Friends” pay subs to the Club not RIBI and the Club sets the amount . Wellingborough has 4 new members each year and many other Clubs have introduced this highly successful form of membership. There is a fixed period for associate determined by the club and most join as full Rotarians.


What is Corporate Membership?  The RIBI Corporate Membership Pilot Programme allows an organisation or company in a club’s area to become a member of the Rotary club, through an established membership approval process, and to appoint up to four designees as the individuals attending club meetings, serving on projects, voting on club matters, and serving as club officers and on club committees and so on.   Is there an established membership approval process to be used by clubs in RIBI?  No, it is up to each club to decide what this process should be. It is best to develop this before organisations are invited by the club to consider corporate membership.   What is a good way to get started?  Once you have identified an organisation that wishes to be considered for corporate membership the Rotary club might establish the background to the organisation and whether it maintains the high ethical standards expected of Rotarians.

A company, school,  acadamy or similar organisation  pays the membership fees and can nominate up to 4 people to be corporate members serve on committee and have a vote on the management of the Club.


If you are interested and would like to find out more about Rotary contact us, we will happily arrange to meet you and to invite you to come along to one of our meetings to see for yourself.